Snow Day!

I live in southern Missouri but lately it’s felt like I’ve been sent somewhere north! It’s been a snowy season this year for sure. I am NOT a cold weather gal. When I’m not working, sewing, or rushing to class one of my favorite places to be is out experiencing the beauty of spring and summer. Since the weather here is unfavorable I was told to just stay home from my second job as a barista today. So, I’m making due with my coffee pot and looking at the day ahead of me! What else is there to do but spend it cozied up with my sewing machine! So, here’s to a day of progress!

20140105-102717.jpgThought I would share with you what it looks like here. Lots of land, some horses huddled around a big bale of hay for warmth, and way too much snow for my taste!


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