All of this snow gave me not one but 2 full snow days to plant myself firmly at my sewing desk! How marvelous right? I set to work with total enthusiasm. With that being said, yesterday night after finishing the bodice of my Garden Party Dress and trying it on I was unsatisfied with the fit. The chest and shoulders seemed rather snug and with no give in the material I was worried that whenever I took the seam allowance for the zipper I would be wearing a straight jacket! So, I had a minor meltdown and became quite upset and worried about how I was going to fix the fitting issue. Yesterday I went ahead and added the skirt and put in the zipper to test the fit and amazingly enough it fits! It is quite fitted but still comfortable. I breathed a serious sigh of relief. While prancing around the house proudly in my mostly finished dress I felt relieved! I will be finishing all the little details such as hand sewing the lining down, hemming, and fixing a minor issue with the zipper this week. A wonderful Photographer friend of mine will be taking some photographs of the dress so that I can share it with you all in high quality! (because iphone selfies just would not do this project justice!) This means that I will be able to share with you photos and a (hopefully) very interesting post about this lovely project! I thought I would share with you my frustrations so that you could laugh with me! I thought titling this post “Meltdown” was appropriate since I am watching the snow and the ice sickles melt from my desk today!1463218_10152520762394745_775030207_n


2 thoughts on “Meltdown

    1. Awe! It’s such a bummer when things don’t go the way you planned! My last dress turned out rather big so this time I TRIPLE measured and checked everything. I guess that’s why I was quick to get upset when things weren’t working out! Haha I’m happy though your second go was a success!

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