Hookah, Dead Musicians, and Hippies

These last couple of days were absolutely what I needed! While I love both my jobs and working hard in school sometimes (quite often) it’s exhausting. Throwing myself into a project, or into the woods for a hike is how I typically unwind. This weekend however I was invited to go up to the city for a girls night on the town! We had an absolute blast! Talking, laughing, and attending the hookah bar before heading to the concert venue. The show included impersonations of Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, and Elvis. I throughly enjoyed myself minus being hit on by one sad strange drunk man slurring self deprecation. Undoubtably we were the only “twenty somethings” in attendance. Don’t think the night was drab! Quite the opposite. Those folks could get DOWN!

20140112-203149.jpgWe were even able to get a shot with The King!
Of course on the way up I had to be sure we made a stop at the fabric store. Unable to leave empty handed I picked up this vintage print cotton. Love it and it can’t wait to turn it into a lovely tea length skirt to be worn this summer.

Then today I was up early to finally get around to hemming my dress and head to the photo shoot. The theme was boho chic and despite all the chilly wind I do believe the shots will be fabulous!

See more here: http://www.lexiehousephotography.com

I know this is a sewing blog but I do enjoy sharing personal stories. I enjoy getting to know everyone and hope you enjoy getting to know me as well! I am very fresh in the blog world so please feel free to leave comments & tell me what you think!


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