Roadtrip Nation

CALLING ALL DESIGNERS! Well, I answered the call and I applied. Creating and crafting and designing things have interested me since I was a young girl. When I saw the opportunity to apply for Roadtrip Nation with this summers theme being Design I jumped on it. More than a party buss Roadtrip Nation is about discovery of the self and well, just plain discovery. While I am majoring in biology creativity has always been a REALLY important aspect in my life. Weather it be singing and dancing on stage, playing flute in band, sewing, crafting, writing creativity is something that has always been center stage. I didn’t always know I wanted to major in biology. It was a long journey to get here. I used to go through majors weekly! I couldn’t decided there were too many choices and I felt overwhelmed. I even stopped going to school for a couple years because I felt so lost. I decided on biology because it was a class I always excelled in and I love all things in nature. I still don’t know what I want to do after I get my bachelors but I’m learning that it’s ok not to have everything all planned out. By traveling and interviewing people who are top in their field it shows there is so much we can learn from one another by sharing! That’s why I share this blog! If I inspire even just one person to get creative then I’m happy! Also being a huge fan of NPR shows like Radio Lab, This American Life, and podcasts like True Story sharing stories creatively is something I have fallen deeply in love with! After watching even just the first episode of season 10 of Roadtrip Nation I knew I would be crazy not to apply! Now I have to wait impatiently and hope they call me.
Check out the Roadtrip Nation page here! Roadtrip Nation


Here is a great quote to remind me to never stop learning about the things that I love!


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