On time management and how I often fail

My plan this week was to film the purse video however, I’m not sure that I’ll get to it! I have a wonderful friend with a camera who is willing to help but I am just to busy this week! I quit my second job hoping to have more time for creating, homework, and blogging but my time seems to fill itself even when I don’t plan it! Now I’m slightly more broke and just as busy! I can’t be all complaints here though. I’m filling my time getting homework done and spending time with my favorite people! I attended a roller derby tourney over the weekend with friends and had a blast! I mean what isn’t awesome about watching tough girls battle it out on roller skates?20140210-225951.jpg It was certainly inspiring for me as I have not been skating since my youth. It brought back awkward memories of myself clumsy and sweaty whirling around in the big rink stopping myself by falling hard on my hind end or by unexpectedly crashing into a wall. Laughing, of course, all along the way. There was plenty of laughter and crashes but since I played only spectator I left with no bruises! This weekend I made another batch of delicious Greek Yogurt Chicken Alfredo.20140210-230048.jpg I know this isint a food blog but cooking is another creative passion of mine! A passion that literally fuels all the other parts of my life! I’ll share the recipe here in case you’d like to try it! 20140210-230055.jpgAlso today I took my first test in algebra. Hoping the less than confident feeling I got after being baffled by a few of the questions subsides when I see my grade. It’s my 3rd time taking the class and it is imperative for obtaining my degree that I pass. This has caused me a lot if stress but I know it will be worth it! Also the night I applied for Roadtrip Nation my dear friend who offered to film gave me the most wonderful bright yellow plastic case. When I opened it I discovered it completely PACKED with vintage patterns! Which for me is beyond exciting! The patterns are from the 80’s-90’s and I have found some wonderful dress and skirt patterns! With more patterns comes the need for more fabric! Right? Anyway, I am off to bed! Know that I’m working hard to get the Purse pattern up ASAP!



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