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Merry Monday

Ah it’s Monday and yes I know the very act of calling it a “merry” one is quite imprudent. Sitting in the coffee shop listening to Billy Joel and sipping on a latte makes Monday seem much less terrible ( mind you it’s only 7am plenty of time for things to go wrong). If I had it my way I would leave here to go fabric shopping and then finally get around to making that video for the Madison purse. Last week didn’t go according to any plans of mine and I was a bit too busy to get to any sewing. Hoping life doesn’t come along and change my plans for the week ahead so that I can make good on a few promises! I did squeeze in a couple art projects. Canvas is not typically a medium of mine. Despite my best attempts it seems as though sketching out the simplest of ideas proves difficult! I have been practicing some henna style doodling and seem to be alright at it. So I made a canvas for myself and one for my Valentine. The elephant is his and the quote is mine. (Confession: a friend sketched the elephant for me) I enjoyed doodling these and perhaps ill make a couple more if time allows.


So, seeing as now it’s now 8am and I’ve whittled away an hour and most of the shops are open I should probbably head out to pick up groceries and get to work this afternoon!


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