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The Madison Printable Pattern

HOORAY! I have really worked hard to get this pattern up online. I have sewn several free patterns and I figured it was my turn to give back. So, after a lot of internal debate and a lack of time and video editing software I have to decided to post the Madison pattern videoless. If I can somehow find the time, computer know how, and interest in a video ill post one! I will however do my absolute best to type out detailed instructions for you to follow. I think the beauty of this pattern is in the simplicity of the pieces which gives you the ability to really personalize!


Click the word “scan” between the arrows for the pattern PDF:——-> scan <——

The Madison Instructions
1. Cut out each piece. The pattern itself will list how many of each and which materials to cut it out of. I used pattern piece C for both the depth of the bag and the strap so that piece alone is not long enough for a strap. Either cut out one continuous piece if you have enough fabric or cut extra pieces and sew it together. Then use piece F to shape the ends of your straps once you are happy with the length.
2. Sew Pocket (piece E) to lining of purse back. You can either iron under edges to hide them or in my case I cut them with pinking shears and let the cute little zig zags stick out!
3. If using fusible interfacing or batting fuse together fabric interfacing and lining. Do this only to pieces A, B, and C  Right sides of fabric facing out. If you are not using fusible interfacing or batting baste stitch layers together as close to the edges as you can. This makes it easier to keep all of your purse layers in check while sewing!
4. Sew purse front (piece B) to purse depth facing pattern (piece C) lining sides together and putting biased tape over seam. Seam will face out on the purse.
5. Sew zipper into zipper flaps. This step sounds simple but I’m not sure how to explain it (This is why a video would be nice) Basically you take your D pieces (one of your fabric and one of your lining with the interfacing already fused to your fabric) Fold under one edge on each piece .5 in and iron. Then wrong sides together pin to your zipper and sew. Need help? This video does a better job of explaining it than I can: Skip to 2:17 and follow how she puts in the zipper.
6. Sew zipper flap to top of purse front (piece B) Covering with biased tape.
7. Sew purse back (piece A) to purse depth (Piece D)
8. If you had to cut the strap using 2 different pieces of fabric sew together strap fabric to make long strips for both front and back. Cut one end using guide piece F to shape. Pin the shaped end to your bag and then pin the unshaped end to your bag. Now you can adjust the length of your strap to what is comfortable. Using shaper piece F cut out the other end of your strap. Then sew biased tape all the way around strap. Attach strap on both sides of bag and sew onto purse depth to attach.
9. Sew other side of the zipper flap to the purse back covering with biased tape. Cover the short ends of zipper flap with biased tape or hem.
10. Line up button onto front of purse flap and sew on.
11. Create a loop with elastic and cover with biased tape that has been hemmed to cover. make a small bow or decorate to your liking.
Or you can just  put button hole in purse flap and sew your button to the front of piece B. .
12. Admire your work. fill it with your stuff!
13. Share your thoughts, improvements, questions, and results here: Ill be sure to improve my instructions and pattern!

There are seriously so many ways you can personalize this purse for YOU. Don’t like the biased tape? Face your seams to the inside. Don’t want to use cotton? Play with a heavy wool or faux leather for more structure! Be sure to scotch guard or otherwise stain proof it. Do whatever you wish with this pattern, all that I ask is that you share your finished creation with me! I am SO EXCITED to share this with the world!

Email me at with photos and I will share them here on the blog!


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