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I think it was John Wayne that said something like “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” I should know the quote exactly seeing as how I grew up watching Mr. Wayne’s films with my father and his very western side of the family. The important thing to gather here is that sometimes the things you need to do to become successful in life are scary, sometimes downright TERRIFYING but, you’ve got to muster up the courage and saddle that wiley beast anyway! The “beast” in my case is College. Yes I am currently going to community college and wrapping up my associates but, moving up from a 2 year school in my home town to a great big University up in the city is overwhelming. “Where will I live? What is the program going to be like and will I even like it? HOW AM I GOING TO AFFORD THIS?” All of these questions have been barraging my brain with relentless attacks of anxiety and panic. I have worked like crazy and happily paid for the last few semesters I have taken here at the community college out of my own savings account. That is something I am quite proud of as I am very fastidious when it comes to borrowing money. The university is far to costly to manage such a feat of finance. My parents help me when they can but the rest is up to me. Lets hope by some great miracle the answers to these questions (and many more) come to me in a dream! Yeah right, looks like I will have to rise up to the challenge and do the absolute best I can and know that it will get me through!

Enough about the thoughts of this mad woman and onto some of her latest projects! So several weeks ago I was snowed in for a day and decided to make a skirt. I had the material but the pattern had come up missing! What is a girl to do? I dug through my mustard pattern box given to my from a friend full of vintage (80’s) patterns and came across a simple pattern that I thought could be made to reflect a bit of 50’s style with some floral patterned material and a couple details.


I set to work! The dress (not counting pockets) only had 4 pieces so I thought it was easily doable within the day. And it was! I sewed up the pattern, added the elastic, and excitedly tried it on!


Only to find out I had made looked like a nice hospital gown. The fit from the waist up was…nonexistent. The chest was loose and baggy and the sleeves which were supposed to be fluttery and cute appeared to be lost. As though they had forgotten their job was to frame my petite arms instead of making them look like awkward wings. Something had to be done! I stepped back, did some browsing of vintage cotton dresses online and came across many dresses with lovely pleated details on the front. I began pleating like a mad woman! I tucked the pleats in as little as possible around the neck line as not to take up room and then deepened the pleats as I neared the waist to take up all that baggy material! I carefully measured and came up with wonderfully sneaky pleats that appeared to be straight from the front but from the back helped give the dress shape. Then feeling as through the pleat details needed extra detail I picked up some narrow creamy colored lace. emphasis on the narrow. This stuff was no joy to sew in!



With that all pinned I baste stitched in my new details and excitedly threw on the dress to test the fit! Viola! The chest was no longer saggy!


Perhaps its difficult to see here but the waist lays much nicer and the chest no longer seems so empty. The next thing to do is fix those darn sleeves! I think putting a nice wide hem in them and wearing them rolled like many cotton dresses of the 50’s will solve the problem. The Last detail to secure is a sash to cover up that awful elastic waist made from some scrap navy blue material. I have yet to finish up the last few details because I have been spending so much time these last couple weeks visiting Universities! I feel as though I am stealing time to write this post as there is laundry and homework I really should be doing sitting at home.

If you made it through this entire post, congrats! It was a lengthy read but, know that I really appreciate EVERYONE who stops by and visits my page. Feel free to leave me comments, questions, or constrictive criticism.

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6 thoughts on “Courage

  1. I love the pattern on the material, and way to go!!! All I am getting through right now is a potholder and a stand mixer bowl cover-ha ha. Way to go on a dress, all in one snow day!

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