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Busy as a Bee and University

Wow, so much to catch you up on that I don’t know where to begin! My last real post detailed my woe’s with applying to universities and the overwhelming amount of planning that went with it. Well I am elated and proud to say I have since been accepted into Southern Illinois University Edwardsville! The campus and town surrounding it is beautiful and I am already excited to get my move on! The town of Edwardsville has lots of charm and seems to be a happy town. I have already visited the local coffee joint,  craft store and found them to be of my liking so I think that I will adjust quite happily! Also the area seems to value its natural areas and boasts about its many bike trails! What more does this girl need than a place to get her coffee, a good store to purchase her sewing supplies, and a few lovely places to hike & bike?

I love hiking so much and really miss riding bikes as I did as a girl! In preparation for this move I have dug my father’s early 90’s Mountain Trek bicycle out of the shed.I washed off layers of dust and bird mess and surveyed my haul. I am trying to get her running good again because, the town is just so bike friendly! I watched a few YouTube videos on bike tuning and thought it would be really easy. The thing about online videos is they sometimes LIE, they make putting in a zipper look easy! Haha Its possibly not that difficult. It is more likely that I am more familiar with tuning up my car than I am with a bike. Perhaps its something left to professionals?


Since I have been so busy working, attending class, doing homework,  hiking (as much as possible), camping, and squeezing in time for things like personal hygiene and potty breaks, little time has been left at all for sewing. Actually its left me with no time because I am actually quite fond of sleep. Only a couple weeks of class are left though and that should free up some time! I have a slew of summer skirts just waiting to be sewn up and sashayed around in the sunshine. (I really enjoy alliteration, call me a nerd but its fun!)


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