Bicycle Skirt

Here I am its Saturday afternoon and I am all prepared to sew! I get out my fabric, pattern, scissors, pins ect. and lay it all out on the counter. Much to my dismay the Burda pattern I had chosen for my fabric was not going to work! This is what happens when you let someone at the counter talk you out of that extra yard.



Lucky me, I have a stash of vintage patterns! I went digging through and found a pattern similar to a couple of skirts I already own. This, my friends, was a very happy accident! This pattern had pockets, was simple, and a style I already knew I liked. Plus I had just enough fabric to cut it out with! By just enough I mean I had to cut the waist band and 1 out of the 4 pocket pieces from some mustard colored scraps I had on hand that matched wonderfully! 

The pattern originally called for the waist band to be sewn on and then slip stitched down on the inside. Since I am no good at hand sewing I changed it up a bit and sewed the skirt up into the waist band. Then I created more cute details by adding a top stitch to the top and bottom of the waist band. Also, instead of hidden hooks I used buttons to add a cute detail! I am beyond happy with my results and this skirt will be added to my “favorites” section of the closet! This skirt took me about 3 days to put together working on it several hours each day. It seems like I can never just sit down and sew I also have to have a bunch of other things going on too! Its not perfect but Its so comfy! Also whoever said short girls should wear long skirts…well lets just say I don’t take that advice. I love the classy look of a tea length and its comfortable knowing I can bend and move without worrying if anything will show! 

I didn’t really take any photos of the process but today after finishing it I put it on and headed outside with my photo timer app to snap a few shots of myself! Since I was my own photographer the shots aren’t the best but you get the idea!



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