Why is it…

I get the best ideas and the greatest sewing urges right when I’m trying to go to bed. Yet, when I have a full day of sewing planned ahead of me I can sometimes lack creativity and motivation? I’m going to blame my bought of sleeplessness on THIS beauty of a dress!

All I know is it was up in a fabric store in Illinois and my aunt sent me the photo. It’s Vogue pattern 8789 and it is BEAUTIFUL! It reminds me of lovely cobalt blue vintage glass, Moroccan style tiles, or even real china. I NEED to make my own version right?? I could see myself wearing this hosting a fab dinner party or dancing the night away. (Funny because I never host parties or dance.) I told my Aunt she was being an enabler and a pusher. Because my sewing isn’t just a habit at times it’s an addiction! Ok, well perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit but…
I should really stop dreaming and get some sleep! I already have a shelf full of sewing “to do’s!”


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