The Underdog Gains The Upper-hand

Yesterday I emerged victorious! I went 3 rounds with college algebra but, this time I did not let it beat me. The end won more than just a C. I also earned an Associate Arts degree and some serious confidence in myself! For so long that single class had been holding me back from a lot of things. From University, from feeling confident and capable, and from moving onto the next big steps in my life. Since I was younger I have always struggled with math. I mean when it comes to calculating piratical things such as recipes, calculating additions to patterns, figuring up how many miles are left in a tank of gas, I have no problem. Algebra however, is frustrating and I have always had what I call “math anxiety.” I have taken the class twice before but for one reason or another I struggled and gave up. The first round I was naive and clumsy and algebra quickly kicked my hiney and I dropped the class! Round two I began the fight with gusto but burned out quickly. This round I told myself I was in it for the long haul and despite small losses here and there i ultimately beat my opponent. Sweet sweet relief.
Now today I am on a victory and caffeine high and I feel unstoppable!  Only problem is I cant sit still long enough to get anything accomplished. Haha what a problem to have right? I have a MILLION ideas floating around each one bigger than the next. On today’s agenda is writing up this blog post and making myself a jersey maxi skirt. I found this material a while ago and had to have it. I loved the fun and funky geometric print and colors. Jersey is a material I have not worked with much and one I am looking forward to working with more often. I can already tell that the material is thin and will likely require me to wear a slip underneath! I am going to use a Maxi I already own as my pattern for this skirt.

Speaking of Patterns (nice segway right?) I stayed up late compiling a wish list of patterns…it wasn’t even half as long as I thought it would be! Haha It spans several pattern makers and I tried to pick out items that would make good wardrobe staples plus a few fun items. Ohh how a girl can dream right? maybe one day Ill share the list in a post. Well, now that I have spent plenty of time writing this post the caffeine may have worn off enough for me to cut something out without bouncing around!



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