Help! Online Fabric Sourcing

So, today on my way home from the city I decided to stop at Jo-Anne’s Fabric and I was disappointed with the selection. It seems as though its very hit or miss! Its a hit when I’m broke, I walk in and find all kinds of stuff! It’s a miss when I actually plan to spend a little $ there. So, Here is where I need your help! Since the closest fabric store that carries any kind of apparel fabric is about 45 min away I have been considering purchasing fabric from online. I am a late adopter to this whole “buy online” thing. I just like going in person and picking it out amongst shelves and piles of stuff!! If you could help direct me to some good places to buy fabric online it would be much appreciated! I am looking for all kinds of fabrics so any help is welcome. Thank you so much! Oh and Ill be back on in a day or two to share with you a half circle jersey skirt I plan to finish sometime tonite. 


4 thoughts on “Help! Online Fabric Sourcing

  1. I only just recently was shy of online shopping. I can now say that my sister and myself have both had success with Fabric.com. We have to pay extra shipping (outside the US) but we waited for a sale and even with shipping added on the price per meter was comparable to what we can get at our local fabric shop, which is 45 minutes away. I prefer being able to touch the fabric. But they also sell you swatches of the fabric, if you are unsure. This website gave a detailed percentage content of the fabric, the size of the print on the fabric, and suggestions as to what the material should be used for. I don’t know if all online stores do this or not, maybe they do. Also if you sign up for their emails they will be happy to bug you with news of sale items. It is so addictive! Like the Shopping Channel! I looked online because what I wanted wasn’t in the store, but it was online, so I ordered it. Now I want a white cotton blend, a heavy one to make a jean-like jacket out of – but it has to have a cat print on it. Sounds strange, huh? It’s going to be fun!

    1. Oh cat print! Sounds fun and lovely! I will have to try fabric.com because someone else has suggested it too. I just like being able to feel it before purchasing but I’ll have to get over that I suppose!

  2. I recommend
    Vogue Fabrics

    They offer single swatches and fabric swatch catalogs.

    There is a good selection of natural, synthetic and blends.

    What helps me in my fabric selection at this site are:

    1. Clear descriptions of the fiber content, weight and the type of care needed (laundering or dry cleaning).
    2. Good size to the photos so you can get an idea of the pattern or texture.
    3. Patterns are often recommended for the fabric. An illustration of a style will be displayed using the color or pattern of the fabric on the page.
    4. Whenever possible other fabrics in coordinating prints and/or solid colors will also be displayed at the bottom of the page.
    5. You can get their service to select the best color thread and zippers.
    6. For an example, see this web page: http://www.voguefabricsstore.com/VF123-33-Haymitch-Nosegay-Floral-Stretch-Cotton-Shirting.html

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