Surprise Party

First off let me start by saying WOWZA! This girl is lucky to have such a wonderful family who loves and supports her! Not that I ever doubted but, It’s times like last night I am stunned and overwhelmed by all they do to cheer me on. (WARNING: This is going to be a lengthy post in which I gush about how awesome life is! I WILL include lots of pictures and my recent sewing adventures so not all is lost fellow seamstresses!)

I pay for my own school and I work hard so having great support is very important to keep me going and keep me sane. Yesterday was my birthday and it started off like any other day except, instead of telling people I am 22 I tell them I’m 23 now. I had already considered my trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens over the weekend my birthday fun.en I got to work at the clinic I worked under the assumption that we would be super busy and with my luck Id be there working late since my dad had said something about maybe getting dinner the night before. Much to my surprise I was let off early for my birthday! So, I headed home and decided to throw on a dress and actually fix my hair a little before we headed to a pub much of my family frequents for dinner. When I arrived however I was shocked! As soon as I walked through the door there was a HUGE table that stretched almost the length of the bar FULL of my family!


(I went for a candid shot since there was no way I could squeze everyone in hence the not so flattering faces. Except my Grandma she looks fabulous with that big happy smile right?)

Everyone was there to wish me Happy Birthday and Happy Graduation! It was just plain AWESOME! Also I got Ice Cream Cake and Ice Cream cake makes any day special.


I also received a little box of assorted feet for my sewing machine and I cannot wait to try them out.


Here is where we get back to the sewing!

I purchased a Vintage Vogue Pattern this weekend and I simply cannot wait to make a beautiful dress once I find the perfect fabric! I love the 50’s style and the full skirt. I have seen a few different versions other seamstresses have made and I am looking for striped material to set off the biased bodice and vertical striped skirt.


Then I finished up this simple cutie. A jersey half circle skirt, a pattern I created myself using one of the 100’s of tutorials online! Its comfy, cute, and was a breeze to sew together. I finished it and threw it on for a few photos.Image


Nothing like dog bowls, my dorky watch, trash bags, and no shoes to give my photo that air of sophistication I was aiming for right?



This is an attempt at one of those really cute twirl pictures! As you can see I had trouble timing it with the camera! lol


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