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Past, Present, and Future

Good Morning! Sitting at my usual spot in the coffee shop writing this. I always find it so easy to write in this space its clean, quiet, filled with wonderful smells and people. Early morning people are happy people! Like the group of ladies that meet here early wednesday mornings to play cards and swap gossip. They smile and laugh having a grand time and I enjoy the chatter. Or the elderly gentleman thats reading the paper near the window most mornings. The friendly baristas and the endless patience they have for my inability to choose a coffee. I enjoy these things most about this place.

I titled this post because I feel as though I am way behind on my posting and the best way to catch up is to tell you it all in chronological order. So, Lets go back to 1957 when this beauty of a pattern was first printed! Vogue 8789


I adored this pattern from the moment I saw it! What luck too because I found it on sale. Then shortly after purchasing this my photographer friend posted about wanting to host a 1950’s themed shoot. This gave me just a little over a week to complete this beauty! I rushed off to the fabric store and decided on a baby blue stripe. Little did I know this tiny stripe would begin driving me MAD! Haha There was sooo much lining up of lines to do!


Pinning nearly each stripe every time I joined the front bodice to the back made sure it all lined up perfectly!


I was SO PROUD of how well the front, back, side, and shoulder seams all lined up because I worked so hard at it! Once the bodice was all sewn up I just had to try it on! So here is a goofy pic of me prancing around the living room in it.


Don’t I look fab? The outfit I was wearing that day didn’t even match to begin with! Whats left but to add the ginormous skirt and make the cummerbund! I quickly finished up all the rest just in time to attend the photo shoot looking perfectly pressed and wonderfully dressed! Here are a couple photos from the shoot! I haven’t got them all back yet but when I do ill share with you a close up if there is one! The farm we took these photos on was absolutely beautiful complete with some old cars that I just adored!


Check out this 1931 Model A Ford. Holy GORGEOUS! Forget my dress that car is the beauty in this photo!


(Credit for these two photos goes to the always wonderful Lexie House Photography)

Here is a group shot with another old Ford, not sure of the year but its a cherry red Thunderbird and its adorable! So are all the girls that were in the shoot with me. What a fun time!

The dress wound up being a bit large on me and while I could hide it behind the cummerbund I know my dear mother was itching to get her hands on another dress of mine! So I took it to her and told her to try it on. It fit her perfectly and it made me feel so good knowing how much she loves it. Plus she looks very cute in it!


She may kill me for adding this photo but, wouldn’t you agree it is lovely on her?

Now its on to present things! I am currently working on a kaftan dress and the fabric I chose is just like me, crazy and animal loving! Cant wait to work on it today as I plan to wear it to a concert this wednesday thats outdoors at the Botanical gardens.


I dont have any future projects lined out just yet however, I did get some wonderful news that the apartments I was planning on moving into are in fact pet friendly! That is wonderful since I was panicking a bit since being given my pup for a graduation gift! She will have to adjust to apartment living but I will too! I really feel time rushing by me as I only have 70 days until the semester starts and I have so much to plan!

Have a wonderful day! As always I appreciate you stopping by to read! Comments and questions are encouraged and welcomed.


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