Running out of time!

This gal is on the verge of going mad! With so many things to sort out sewing has taken a back seat. I’ve been working, applying for jobs like crazy, and trying to sort out everything for school as I have 22 days till I move! It’s got me on stress level 10 lately. Sewing is my “me” time and it helps me unwind but I just haven’t had time for any of that. Lately the one thing keeping me going is copious amounts of coffee, puppy kisses, and the support of my boyfriend and family. I hope to resume blogging sometime in August once all this moving mayhem is dealt with. UNTILL then enjoy a few adorable photos of my pup pup enjoying a treat, sleeping, and wearing my shorts.





4 thoughts on “Running out of time!

  1. I’m in the process of moving, too. It’s so hard to function as the current situation is in flux. As the boxes get packed isn’t it an overwhelming feeling? So much to keep track of. I plan to take my sewing stuff to my new apartment by myself. I’ve bought new lightweight plastic file cabinets by Sterilite that will hold everything. Somehow just knowing a few things will be in place helps assuage the angsty feelings. Hope you find a way to cope. A cute doggie is one way–cuddle up.

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