Kelsey’s Doodles and a Fabric Swap

After spending the day yesterday at the University I now have everything squared away to begin the fall semester! Crazy! Now the only thing left is to sign the lease for my apartment and, find a job. I know those 2 things are pretty darn big. I have handed out over 30 resumes and applied online to countless places. I have even have an interview or two. Waiting on someone to call me back and make an offer I cannot refuse! Really, I cant refuse any offer because I NEED a job ASAP!

I have been so busy and stressed I decided to take a break from sewing. That has not however stopped me from being creative! I took a bit of pattern printing and added my own hand drawn touches to create this cute little canvas to hang above my sewing desk in my new apartment. I am not the most talented at drawing but I did my best! It’s a glossary of sewing terms, a sizing chart, an illustration on proper measuring, and a reminder to always measure twice and cut once!


Since I will be moving and taking a break I thought now would be a good time to see if any fellow bloggers would want to do a project swap! Perhaps we could trade a few yards of fabric or a pattern and it would be a fun surprise for either person. If you would be interested feel free to comment!

Well, now I’m off to go make myself some home made brownies and relax for the night!


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