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I’m not so good at taking a break…

Can you blame me? Sewing and creativity is my favorite way to deal with stress. It’s productive and I can easily loose myself in a project. Before moving I offered friends and family the opportunity to commission a sewn work for them in hopes I could make some extra cash. My wonderful photographer friend Lexie House from Lexie House Photography asked me to make her a purse! After she sent me a few ideas and we picked out fabric I set to work designing a pattern! Then I cut everything out but had to sideline the project for a bit. Last weekend however I was able to sit down and finally finish! I love it so much I’d like a version for myself!




I was so proud of all the hard work and love put into this bag! It couldn’t have gone to a better girl! I even wrapped it up all fancy in a bag I decorated myself.

After being on a high from finishing a project I couldn’t wait to begin another that weekend! The second project I worked on was a completely different medium! As a young girl my father used to have a portion of our barn dedicated to his wood shop. I helped with countless projects and learned a lot about constructing a project, hard work, and attention to detail which carried over to my sewing. Last weekend I decided since my pup is all done growing she needed a fancy dog bowl stand of her own. Dad and I had made these for our pets in the past and now it was her turn to receive one! I set off to lowes and picked out the cleanest, smoothest, and straightest piece of pine 1×12 I could find. Then I bought 2 metal dog bowls and some Finnish.


We set to work carefully marking out our pieces onto the wood and cutting them out.



Once it was all put together we admired our work for a moment and then chose a stain to bring some richness the light pine.



And after a couple coats of stain and Finnish we admired our work! Boots was a tad confused at first but now loves her bowl stand! It’s more comfortable for her to eat and drink.




Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading! As always I welcome comments and questions.


3 thoughts on “I’m not so good at taking a break…

  1. That is a really lovely purse! And I love your dog bowl… my dog is jealous as we speak. He’s looking at me asking me why he doesn’t have one, but I don’t have any talent in woodworking!

    1. Awe thanks! I really have my father to thank. He taught me woodworking but I have never taken to it like I have sewing. He did all the hard stuff and I just supervised! The purse is the first project I designed and made specifically for someone else. I am admittedly a selfish seamstress! Lol

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