East of the Mississippi

This is my first post coming to you from my new home in Illinois. Well I’m actually on campus not at home but thats beside the point! So far I’m really enjoying it. I love that at my new apartment I can walk out my front door, round the corner and I’m downtown. There is plenty to do here and the community so far has been welcoming and wonderful. At the moment I am halfway through my classes and 2/3 Professors have exceeded my expectations! According to Meatloaf 2/3 ain’t bad. We will see how my chem class goes later this evening. Everyone has been friendly and welcoming on campus at lunch today a couple of students said “No one should eat alone!” and plopped down next to me. They were sweet and good lunchtime conversation.

Here is a selfie from a walk to the coffee shop the other day!


I should really get around to finishing up my apartment so I can show you photos of my new sewing area but I am not organized yet! once I am organized I plan to start with a simple shirt project when I get some time. This moving business is exhausting. I discovered I have WAY to much stuff and have been sorting through and keeping only what I need.

My home in Missouri was about 70 miles south of St. Louis and my new home in Illinois is less than 30 miles away. If you are familiar with the events happening in Ferguson mo it feels very close to home to me. The only thing I would like to say about this controversial topic is that I hope you don’t let the sensationalized headlines get to you. Mass Media’s goal at the end of the day is to make $ and they will paste up whatever photos and headlines they think you will buy. I want to encourage you, even if you don’t know about or care about the Furgeson events, to show kindness to others throughout your day today. Remember to smile and spread love and kindness throughout your community.


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