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A day with friends in my new Sorbetto


Yes! I FINALLY got some time to sew! I chose a simple project to get myself back into the groove. Colette Pattern’s Sorbetto has been on my must make list for a while. First, its free and second its a simple make thats quite cute and versatile. I went by a local print shop and had the pattern printed for $1.25 and off I went! The night before last I put the pattern together and then cut out the pieces. Yesterday after picking up bias tape I sewed it together before and after work. The fabric came from the Salvation Army and was a vintage bed sheet I got for $1. All together for the pattern, the material, and one package of bias tape I think I spent less than $5 for the whole project. 

IMG_9232Now, I have a confession to make. I have only used bias tape once and I had no idea what I was doing. For a past project I thought the proper way to use it would be complicated so I put it together all wrong. That being my only experience with the stuff I was determined to actually do things right this time! I started off by using french seams on the top of the arms and down the sides. Then I set to using the bias tape and I LOVE using the stuff now! Its so simple when you actually follow directions. 



I wore it out and about today with friends who were coming up from my hometown for a visit! It was comfy, cool, and cute. As I was getting ready this morning they sent me a photo once they were in town. Let me just say I LOVE these smiling faces. 🙂

IMG_9265From there we went to World Market and had fun shopping around! On our way there we drove past the worlds largest Catsup bottle! 


 Its not a great photo so perhaps next time I should stop. All that shopping worked up an appetite so we walked to a wonderful cafe for lunch thats just round the corner from my apartment. On the return we played Dominoes and Cards. Wild bunch don’t you think?  


Now that I am back into the swing of things I cant wait to sink a needle into my next project. I have an idea of what I will sew next so long as I can find proper material. 

As always thanks for reading! Comments are always appreciated. 



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