Making A Muslin

Yes, I should really write this down on the calendar because for the first time I am making a real muslin to test the fit of a garment! Often times I’m simply too much in a hurry to get something finished to bother with a “test run” I just go for it and hope (rather optimistically) things turn out. This “fly by the seat of my pants” attitude has gotten me well acquainted with unpicking seams and the disappointment that comes with bad fit. This time however, I am doing some unselfish sewing and its a big project for me. Not only because its over a year overdue but also its my first very structured pattern with a real collar and button down front. I am making Vogue 8759.


A year ago when I thought I should take on such a project I did my research before purchasing a men’s shirt pattern. After looking around this one seemed to be fairly basic but had all the bells and whistles necessary to make a nicely fitted top. I purchased some material and when I got it home the green that appeared lovely and muted in the store began to look bland and ick! Ick is the best description of this color!


Here is a photo of the color, as you can see it makes even the plain manila colored pattern appear vibrant compared to its dreary ick-ness. So I decided to use this fabric for the muslin and in its place I picked up the softest, brightest, and plaid-ist material I could find! Really I LOVE this material its so cozy I just want to wrap myself in it with a cup of tea and watch it snow outside of my window.


IMG_9453Perhaps I’m making a big deal of nothing but It really is good stuff here folks. The feeling of a good quality fabric you cant wait to sink a needle in is a good one! So work away on the muslin I go hoping to get the hang of turning a collar and making handsome cuffs!

IMG_9448That color is truly is awful don’t you think?

Have you ever gotten home and found that what you picked up at the shop was actually terrible? Also, anyone have any tips for such a pattern or experience with button down shirts?

As always I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Making A Muslin

  1. Yes I do think the plaid is a better choice. I have brought fabric home, stuffed it in a bin, then many months later thought what was I ever thinking about when I bought this – what am I supposed to do with it! So back in the bin it goes. But eventually I do find a use for it… Some day… In the far future … maybe…

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