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Kelsey’s Cafe Curtains

I love cooking so of course the kitchen is one of my favorite places to be. I spend a lot of time in here weather it be baking pies, making a big pot of soup, or cleaning up the mess. Even though my kitchen is tiny and counter space nearly non-existent I have made due. The one thing I love about my kitchen is the HUGE window that faces the neighbors massive cottonwood tree and floods in natural light. When I moved in there was blinds on every window which was nice, however I am not one who cares for the look of blinds. My mom gifted me an adorable vintage table cloth with the idea I could make a curtain. I looked up some ideas on pintrest and finally came up with a layout. I’m quite pleased with how they look. It took me about an hour to sew up these lovelies and it was a great simple project that makes a big statement in my kitchen!


I sort of took a break from the frustrations of shirt making to get these done. I haven’t forgotten the project just put it on hold. It may be better for me to work on the shirt while I’m on Holliday this winter. Oh and I did mention pie earlier! Fall has arrived and with it beautiful ripe apples! A coworker brought me a bag full of apples from her tree and requested in exchange a pie! The recipe came from the pioneer woman and was absolutely dreamy as so titled! Click on the link to get the recipe. It was well worth all the hard work!



3 thoughts on “Kelsey’s Cafe Curtains

  1. !hose turned out great! I saw a post once where someone had taken similarly-styled vintage tea towels and made cafe curtains using those little gripping curtain rings.

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