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The Grinch Who Sewed Christmas

Christmas is not exactlty my favorite holiday. If we must be honest here, it has always been Thanksgiving I look forward to the most. This year however the tables were turned and it turned out that my Christmas was incredible. To me Christmas has always been about the anxiety of shopping and gifts. This Thanksgiving seemed to be all about black Friday hype which really irks me. Be thankful, eat turkey, and SHOP TILL YOU DROP just does not make sense to me. I boycott all things black Friday. In fact this year I decided to avoid the stress of shopping for something perfect and decided instead to hand make gifts! Since moving I don’t get to see my family often enough so home was such a welcome sight. My Christmas was filled with so much love and happiness and smiles that I think I maybe just possibly have a new favorite. I decided since I was doing hand made and had a limited amount of time (and very limited funds) that I would stick to the 3 closest people in my life. I can share 2/3 projects as one is still in the making! Ops, I may have grossly overestimated my ability to sew quickly.

For my first project I decided to make a night gown for my wonderful mother! Every year its been tradition that my mother got us Christmas pajamas so I decided to return the favor. My mother is a loving and giving lady and always puts herself last. She really deserved something fun and cute that she would never buy for herself. The other thing she deserved was GIANT chocolates! I cant help but share this cute photo of her since she couldn’t pose in her night gown!


The pattern was a free download from Spit up and Stilettos and I LOVED it! The instructions were very clear and the PDF format made it so easy to print and put together. Mom says it fits wonderfully. I added the lace to the hem, and a small pleat with bow in the back to keep it from gaping open as my mom and I both are petite ladies and I used a soft and cozy flannel which is a bit heavy for the low dipped shape of the back.




The next project was a button down shirt as handsome and hard working as my dad! I chose Simplicity 1544 version C. Once I finished the shirt I excitedly put it on my dressmaker and it looked HUGE and frumpy! It had me worried that it wasn’t going to look as good as I had hoped! The navy blue kona cotton accents were a bit of a happy accident as I had run out of the soft and cozy plaid shirting.


As soon as he opened the shirt he was pretty excited to try it on and couldn’t wait to get outside for some “action shots.” I was thrilled when it fit just perfect and my fears were dispelled!


Check out those western style yokes, contrast button placket detail, and sleeve cuffs! The fit in the shoulders is spot on and the sleeve length was great too as he likes to wear them rolled up anyway.


Here is a close up of the finished sleeve plackets. They aren’t perfect but this shirt really proved to me how far I have come as a seamstress! I think this shirt really had special meaning to my Dad too. This year my sweet Grandma Verna passed. She was an incredible seamstress and made beautiful quilts and even some of dad’s clothes as a child. I truly believe I inherited my aptitude for sewing from both grandmothers but particularly her! My dad understands my crazy sewing habit because he himself was raised by a seamstress!

In return my dad made me this huge and beautiful shelf for my kitchen! He is a very skilled woodworker and craftsman. I cant wait to hang it up and share it along with the table my mom is painting me for my kitchen!

IMG_1082Hope everyone’s holiday was filled with as much happiness, joy and love as mine!

Comments, questions, and messages are always welcomed and encouraged!


9 thoughts on “The Grinch Who Sewed Christmas

    1. Ill have to tell them yoh said that! They will LOVE the compliment! Caroline i feel like that shirt was really a testiment to how far i had come as a seamstress! I used to look at other blogs and see hand made button down shirts and think “one day ill be good enough to try a priject like that!” My one day has come!

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