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A Finlayson For Me!

I’m not sure when I discovered Thread Theory patterns, it must have been several months ago when I was looking for menswear patterns for Christmas ideas. I highly recommend heading over to their website! The The Finlayson sweater pattern is actually a men’s pattern but I liked it so much I decided I should have one for myself!

Currently the Finlayson is only available as a PDF format which for me is no big deal. For some strange reason I find taping all those pieces of paper can be relaxing. Its a good thing too because this pattern was FORTY pages worth of cutting and taping! Also I did have help, Boots quite literally has to have her paws in everything and walked all over my paper, dropped her slobbery toys on it, and tried relentlessly to nudge my hands so I could tape. After putting all that together I didn’t cut down the precious pattern. I traced my size using plain white tissue paper I had leftover from Christmas wrapping. You can see here its taking up much of the living room floor.


Here is also a photo of my little helper hard at work.


The fabric is a  heavy lime green fleece with a little one way stretch. In the store the color appeared more subdue but in good lighting it sure is bright! Oh and warm, I am the kind of girl who is almost always cold but in my sweater I find its pretty cozy!

This pattern has 2 views, I chose the shawl collar version without the kangaroo pocket. The other version is more like a traditional hoodie. Once I cut out the fleece I set to sewing it together. It only took me a few hours to sew it up which makes this a pretty quick make! I made a size XS and its pretty spot on for this little gal. I did leave the sleeves long as I like to pull them down over my hands. The instructions are wonderful and explain very clear the most difficult bits. When I say difficult bits I really just mean the collar, otherwise this is a very straightforward make. Becuase it was such a quick make I didn’t think to stop and take photos! 

Here is the finished product!


Funny thing is, my mom shared this photo on facebook and people went crazy saying how much they liked this sweater. To me it was a very basic make and nothing special. Just goes to show you never know what people will really appreciate!

I’d love it if you shared with me your stories or photos of little “Helpers” or times when you thought a project was basic but it really got others excited!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “A Finlayson For Me!

  1. You blend in with your kitchen nicely! The sweater looks great and I wouldn’t know it’s a men’s pattern!
    A big well done to you for sticking the pattern together with such a willing helper… That would have frustrated me! I have tried doing it with my toddler up and the result is tape everywhere, crinkled sheets of paper and a frazzled mummy!!

    1. The pictire was actually taken at work, wish my kitchen could be a fun color like that! Sometimes its hard to get anything done when shes “helping” so we plan trips to the dog park to wear her out or chewy treats like pigs ears or pizzle sticks to occupy her for a few minutes!

  2. This looks very lovely and very comfortable!

    40+ pages is why I don’t like printing patterns that much. It’s just so much hassle and I never manage to line them up right. It’s a good idea to just trace the pattern after you’ve taped it together, though. I’ll try to remember it next time I print a pattern!

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