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The Simple Seamstress is Back!

I know it would pain me to see just how long ago my last blog post was published. The break was never intentional but, sometimes life gets in the way and creative projects take a back seat. A lot of things have changed since my last post like my address, my status as a student, and my job just to name a few. All those changes and more lead me to become a happier and healthier person mentally and physically than I have ever been! Enough about me personally though how about we get to the good stuff. Like the fact that I now have my very own sewing ROOM not just a little corner of my bedroom! I can tell  you that for a fact its a dream come true. Most girls dream of their wedding, this gal however dreams of having her own devoted sewing space and a kitchen with a beautiful gas stove. Well, now one of those dreams have come true. IMG_20160501_195253

The peg board was inspired by pintrest and built by my Father who is a very handy man! The shelves were my Mom’s idea and provide a way for me to organize books, patterns, and have space to stack fabric where I can see! I love this space, its walls are covered in art created with love from friends, and I am surrounded by inspiration and tons of space to make it all happen. The first project I decided to create in this space was the Dottie Angel Frock. I have long awaited having this pattern in my hands and creating something that was just as fun and quirky as myself. I made a mad dash to Joanne’s after work and picked up the pattern, fabric and notions.


When I first laid eyes on the gray daisy print I knew it was the one. Fabric love at first sight! So I wondered around for a bit and found the other two small prints to go along with it matching the blue and pink shades in the flowers.

I can honestly say I enjoyed this pattern and I will be making more frocks in the future. I have sewn my share of garments but I had never used the bias binding technique on hems. Typically I use a french seam or pinking shears but this time I gave her technique a go. I will say I prefer a french seam because its easier and quicker for me but this technique certainly has its uses! The instructions were vague when I got to the bit about sewing up the sleeves. I should have heeded the advice of fellow seamstresses and altered the shape a little as suggested  The fit is a little snug under the armpits and across the chest because of the way the sleeves were sewn. I did take the advice from others though and drop the waist pleats by an inch. For me this was just right below my bust as it should be.

I was so excited to get this dress sewn that I neglected to take photos of my progress with the exception of this one photo!  With my cup of hot coffee, my favorite car show Top Gear on the tablet and that beautiful Baby Lock machine inviting me to have a seat and get to work.  sewingroom1

I got the dress all hemmed up in time to wear it to my Aunt’s wedding. I stepped outside to take a few quick photos and even brought along my big summery hat in homage to the pattern creator herself!

IMG_20160514_163305 (2)

IMG_20160514_163327 (2)

Since sewing up this dress I have also made a top using some of the leftover gray fabric and some cream color scrap I had in my stash. Hopefully soon Ill have photos of that to share as well!

It is so wonderful to be back creating and blogging! As always comments and questions are welcome! Have a beautiful day!

–The Simple Seamstress


5 thoughts on “The Simple Seamstress is Back!

    1. Thank you so much! Its so wonderful to finally get back to doing the creative things I love. I let stress and anxiety overwhelm me and took a much too long break from one of the things I love most.

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