More than just a point on a map.

My last post talked a lot about where I am at now geographically. This post is all about where I am mentally and what my thoughts have been lately. Not the most exciting for anyone but me however, I really want to share it. I am probably just as lost in my mind as ever but, for me its about the journey!

So far this semester things have been going pretty well. I unfortunately had to drop a class and of course it was my precalc and trig. Yet again math kicks my butt. After talking to the instructructor and my parents I just felt as though it was too much to take on right now and I am not really prepared for the course. It was a relief in some ways to drop the class but also it got me thinking that its unavoidable for my major. Which lead to me thinking about my major and what I want to DO with biology. I know its only a few weeks into the semester but I really am enjoying my Mass Communications class. That course just really clicks with me. It clicks because, for the last few years I have really gotten into Radio. It all started with the show Radiolab. Radio lab as the name so cleverly implies involves of course radio, but also science! I remember the first time I heard this show yeah, crazy right? Thats how big of an impact it had on me. It was a couple summers ago when I was living in my apartment in Farmington. I was headed to walgreens. I sat there in the parking lot with no A/C in the middle of the day SWEATING just so I could wait for a commercial break so I could dash in and pick up the things I needed so I didn’t miss any part of the show. I was totally captivated. It was the “Guts” episode and they were actually reporting from a farm where they were sticking their arms into a fistulated cow. Yep gross and AWESOME (right up my alley)! From there I discovered Radiolab had a podcast and this opened up a whole new world of radio shows for me! Now they are my constant companion as is the ever present babble of NPR in my apartment. Especially when I’m sewing or creating I am listening to radio. I just love the sharing of stories and not only the creativity but also hard work that goes into making each episode. Today I spoke with my Mass Comm teacher about how I loved what seemed to be two very different interests and majors and I wished there was some way to combine it. Like I was somewhere in the middle and I wasn’t sure where I fit. She was actually really excited. She said that the world needs passionate and excited people and that bringing that love of a subject is very important. Its like the old saying “do something you love and you will never work a day in your life.” She also suggested I sign up for the student radio station and/or perhaps consider starting up my own podcast. Two things I have always wanted to do but, have never been sure about. I’m impatiently awaiting her email to see what information she offers up for me. Who knows? I started this blog as a way to share my creative passions and I have really enjoyed it this far! I can’t wait to see what possibilities are out there for me!

Also she’s super active and encouraging on Twitter. I tweeted about how awesome she is and she replied. Isint it amazing how truly great teachers can make such an impression on us?


As always thanks for reading! Comments are always welcome!


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